Terça-feira, 15 de Fevereiro de 2011
Call for inspiration


Hello! It's been three weeks since I've arrived in Copenhagen — and what a wonderful place! Though I'm occasionally posting some updates on my tumblr blog, I'll still use this space as a research journal. Moving on, there's something I'd like to ask you — the Sapo Campus community. Do you know any digital complex interfaces or any monitoring interfaces somehow related to people or object tracking in open, public or even indoors environments? Do you have any screenshots, bookmarks or design tips about those complex systems and dashboards? This is a call for inspiration, or kind of. It's pretty hard to find any delicate interfaces featuring complex actions and monitoring visualizations.


I'm designing a visual prototype of a digital interface that supports facility management tasks and enhances decision-making using zone-based visualizations of people and facilities in indoors environments. Could you please share some thoughts and inspiration concerning both graphic and interface design?

Sábado, 22 de Janeiro de 2011
Ready to go!



That's it, I'm moving to Copenhagen! Yesterday I presented my research plan and am now ready to fly on Monday, 7h45AM. I have still no place to stay, though. Let me know if you do have any contacts in Copenhagen, will you? ;) Here's my research plan slides.




Segunda-feira, 17 de Janeiro de 2011
Meeting #6


I just arrived from a meeting with Prof. Rui Raposo on which we could take an overview look on my Theoretical Framework (currently 80% finished) and on my futuristic Research Plan (currently 90% finished) too. Why a futuristic Research Plan? Well, as I said earlier, I'm only arriving in Copenhagen by January 24 - which means until then I have no contact with the project experts and so all I can do is to predict what I'll be doing there. Still, it's a pretty good plan. You can expect to prove it yourself, as I'll publish both the Theoretical Framework and the Research Plan later this week.

Quarta-feira, 12 de Janeiro de 2011
Meeting #5


In today's meeting with my dissertation supervisor Prof. Rui Raposo, we adjusted some details on my research plan (whose point I'm still about to get, since I'm working on a project, not a theoretical-based research) and theoretical framework, which I'm just about to finish. Next Monday at 2PM we'll be fine tuning both documents to deliver on Wednesday and show on Friday. I'll leave you with my last venn-diagram, since I'm designing my own graphs on my dissertation. Here's a bite from the actual context:


Visualization and Information Design are two intersecting subjects that share a common inheritance: graphic design (Image 9). This unavoidable convergence is the birthplace of Infovis, as it receives its core from Visualization and its aesthetics and graphic delicacy from Information Design.


Sexta-feira, 7 de Janeiro de 2011


Yesterday I booked my one-way flight to Copenhagen for January 24th!

This would be a nice 2011 kick-start post if I wasn't in the middle of a controversial fight over a massive (and missing!) project funding. That's what happens when honest freelancers work for clients from hell. Moving on to what really matters: for the past few days I've been rewriting my theoretical framework to accomodate my last mindmap revision. Anyhow, it's still pointless to sculpt any potential research methodologies and approaches until I'm in Copenhagen with my supervisor Prof. John Paulin.

In the meanwhile, I joined Nicholas Felton's brand new Daytum, a worth visiting data collecting and visualizing web+iPhone app.


Terça-feira, 14 de Dezembro de 2010
Meetings #3 and #4


This is a visual representation of my current theoretical framework. Some parts of it are already written, but I'll probably rewrite everything from scratch later this week. Erasmus bureaucracies are finally sorted out and everything seems so imminent. Oh, the excitement!



Segunda-feira, 22 de Novembro de 2010
Converging Data Visualization



Thanks Tim for tweeting me this multi-layered venn. Quoted from ffffound.

Domingo, 14 de Novembro de 2010
References #1


This is my current bibliography (v2): blue for ecological interface design, red for visualization and yellow for ITU-related references. It includes books, book chapters, electronic articles, reports and papers, mostly. Trimming this list down is not expected.


A special thanks to Ricardo Filipe, Brian Suda, Jeffrey Heer and Benjamin Wiederkehr for the interviews and references.

Quarta-feira, 10 de Novembro de 2010
Activity #3


Relevant authors in Visualization


I'd say Fernanda Viégas + Martin Wattenberg are the most relevant researchers in the disciplines of visualization. They have launched IBM's Many Eyes, a web community where users can create, discuss and share different types of datasets and Java-generated visualizations. They're co-authors on countless papers and frequently featured in visualization research projects.


Jeffrey Heer is also a very proeminent researcher and author in the fields of visualization. He was part of the Berkeley's Visualization Lab and is currently a researcher on the Stanford Visualization Group, where he participated in the creation of Protovis, a JavaScript library for graphic visualizations.


Last but not least, there's Lev Manovich, a UCSD Professor and researcher in the fields of digital culture, visualization and media theory. He wrote several articles and papers on visualization and information and leads the Software Studies Initiative.


An extended list of authors would include Edward Tufte (the classic author), Ben Fry (for his visualizations, Processing and theses), Mike Danziger ("Information Visualization for the People"), the blogger Nathan Yau (from FlowingData.com), and so on.

Segunda-feira, 8 de Novembro de 2010
infodesign vs infovis


"information design works with information, while information visualization works with data" - Lev Manovich in What is Visualization?



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